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On Wednesday 15 November 2023, we welcomed delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to our Powering Net Zero Conference and Innovation Awards at Glasgow Science Centre. What an exceptional turnout, thank you to all those who joined us, and a huge congratulations to our 2023 IET Excellence and Innovation Awards winners!

We are pleased to award the following winners!

AI and Robotics Award

QiO Technologies

QiO Technologies is an Industrial IoT AI software products company supporting energy-intensive and asset-heavy industries, data centres and telecom companies in accelerating their sustainability and net zero agenda.

Chief Engineer of the Year Award

Robert Bamber, Tokamak Energy

Robert demonstrated outstanding excellence and innovation in the field of engineering as well as leadership in the workplace by means of bringing a culture of devolved responsibility which fostered a culture of camaraderie championing equality, diversity, and inclusion in engineering. With his professional behaviour Robert inspires other engineers and highly qualified technical people to push themselves, achieving remarkable technical and engineering results.

Communications and IT Award

Arqit, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult, Lime Microsystems and Slipstream Engineering Design

World’s first OpenRAN 5G base station with software-controlled, wideband power amplifiers and cloud quantum encryption.

Emerging Technology of the Year Award

University College London / Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore

Virtual reality combined with sensory feedback provided through a robot, reduces neuropathic pain in patients with spine and nerve injuries, and post-amputation pain.

Engineering Team of the Year

Mott MacDonald

The finalists showed a real sense of teamwork and collaboration, considering each of the team members’ diverse skill sets. The team worked together to come up with a solution to a real challenge in the engineering industry, and considered user requirements to minimise human error. The team also empowered others by training and upskilling the workforce.

Future Cities and Smart Technology


PulpaTronics develops fully recyclable paper RFID tags that eliminate metal mining, simplify manufacturing processes and streamline recycling, thus reducing overall costs and emissions while preserving more of our world’s resources.

Future Mobility Award

Ricardo Plc

Liquid hydrogen-cooled powertrain for long-haul mobility. Propulsion inverter with a liquid hydrogen cooling plate featuring microchannels for equal flow distribution and electric machine with liquid/gas hydrogen cooling jacket engineered for large temperature gradients.

Health Technology Award


IDEM: New genome analysis capabilities for proactive control of hospital, emergent, and AMR bacterial infections

International Award

GE HealthCare

GE HealthCare took a huge leap forward for patients, radiographers, and radiologists alike with the commercialization of AIR™Coils. Their inspiration was to design an MRI coil that would free patients from the experience of traditional rigid heavy coils by providing ones that were both comfortable and comforting, like being wrapped in a blanket.

Net Zero and Climate Action Award


Cyanoskin goes beyond traditional paint, as it not only beautifies buildings but also actively captures and reduces CO2 levels in the surrounding area. Once applied, the paint begins to grow and thicken, creating a living layer that acts as a carbon sink. By harnessing the power of photosynthesis, Cyanoskin efficiently absorbs CO2 and helps combat the negative environmental impacts of urbanisation.

Power and Energy Award

SP Energy Networks

LV Engine is a global innovation project which revolutionises the way we operate LV networks. By using LV Engine technology, LV networks become active and smart, allowing faster connection of low carbon technologies, deferring conventional network investment, and facilitating Net Zero targets.

Rising Star of the Year Award

Daniel Mitchell, University of Glasgow

Daniel has made a significant positive impact by fostering collaboration among world-changing engineers to solve real-world challenges, breaking down barriers, and encouraging students and researchers to work together in teams.

Start-up of the Year

Sustainable Sailing Ltd

Sustainable Sailing, is developing technologies to recycle composites and sails in particular at their end of life, through use of the DeeCom process, a novel recycling approach.

Sustainability Award


PulpaTronics develops fully recyclable paper RFID tags that eliminate metal mining, simplify manufacturing processes and streamline recycling, thus reducing overall costs and emissions while preserving more of our world’s resources.

Technology for Social Impact Award

Northumbria University

This innovation has developed Solar2Water system, a decentralized solution for remote off-grid communities. This innovative water production unit uses solar energy to extract moisture from the air and turn it into clean, safe drinking water.

Young Pioneer Award

Zachary Morgan

Make Maths Easier is an online maths learning platform that uses artificial intelligence in order to design tailored lessons for individual pupils ensuring they are being challenged to the level they are working at for every topic, whilst reporting all their hard work to their guardian for added parental involvement.

Congratulations to all of those who won these awards!

These awards recognise ground-breaking innovation and best practices in Engineering, Science and Technology.

We will be announcing details for our 2024 Powering Net Zero and Innovation Awards soon, so do keep your eyes peeled for that!