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And in 2023 we are inviting the global community of entrepreneurs, experts, and creators to build an ecosystem that puts measurable impact at the core of innovation.

Once more we want to celebrate the Engineers using science and technology to find solutions to the biggest challenges humankind is currently facing.

We believe in excellence and innovation but with impact and a long-term view and we are incorporating social and environmental impact across all categories.

Applications are now closed for 2023

Our Excellence and Innovation Awards 2023 have at its core a vision aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and for this year’s IET Excellent and Innovation awards, our judges will be evaluating submissions with a focus on three main areas:


Entries that demonstrate ingenuity, and a novel approach to problem-solving.


Entries that can demonstrate consolidated processes and proven capabilities.

Social and environmental impact

Submissions that can demonstrate sustainable practices, and societal impact by taking action to minimise potential harms and maximise positive benefits.

Why should you get involved?

  • To get recognition from a community of 100,000+ expert engineers, technologists, and scientists around the world.
  • To demonstrate excellence and ingenuity to tackle complex challenges.
  • To reaffirm your commitment to sustainability and global impact.

And finally, to enjoy an evening and networking event like no other!